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Below the Nexus Table is the future, full-blown, simple Super Brainbee:
a one-page, universal, public problem-solving tool of democracy
and a lifehour-based accounting tool for better capitalism
for all nations, all states and all localities.

Nexus Table of Problem-Solving Per Nation, State and District(Your NtStDdd Code)
Nation State: (CAPS) District: Postal:
Account Revu/Change
Dollar Democracy
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Endow Public Service
n.a.Feedback (bugs/links)
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--24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Crime
--CO2 Killer Molecule
--Personal Democracy
--Youth Wisdom Forum
Speed Of Light
Tax Re-Timing
PrePay Dollar Democracy
Public Safety
    Enforce The Law
Refinance 13
Sponsor K-12 School/System
Trade Lifehour Credits
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Richmond, Virginia
Future Options

Super Brainbee for Public Problem-Solver
(Super Brainbee for Private Problems(t.b.a.))

Index of Terms and Concepts

Seven Steps or less to fewer problems in your world  (Examples)
Select Relevant Levels to Your Interest and Concern--skip others. See examples below and Level Rights.
The Super Brainbee interfaces with the ballots created by Votetime for inexpensive, transparent eletion day voting.

Focus: Inform (Brainbees) Executive/Legislator ... Record Time/Cash ... Election Primaries

#1 Item (Issue/Individual) selection (details)

#2 National Units

State and Local Options (if needed)

#3 State 2-letter code:

#4 Type: FedUp FedLo StateUp StateLo
Authority County Municipality None

State Division Number: optional

#6 Email:
#7 Password:

Select secure payment:

Please report Super Brainbee problems--lifehour credits provided.


The Universal Problem-Solver has existed for a long-time. The first brainbee was proved out by the employees of AESOP in 1989 using Touch-tone phones.It was offered to Ross Perot when he ran for President 1992--see Dallas Morning News Ad.