The best government is the least government which can only be if we better self-govern.

If we are to have change, it will not come from the top down but from the bottom up:
Homestead an office if you want change.

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Homestead Political Offices as Timists
for Manheaven Project

The initial submission to a CEO or Legislative office by a timist supporter constitutes a "homesteaders" claim on that office with the reward of one-year of lifehour credits for the associated money amount.

For instance, if one wins a US Senate seat by being the first, one will be credited with about $225,000 in lifehour credits on  Leverage Buy Out (LBO) day, or, about 9000 lifehour credits (at $25/lifehour.) The LBO of the habitual politicians behind our habitual problems is low double digit billions of dollars in future tax credits which is better than trillions of dollars in tax debt.

Email 150218: Homesteading history & Bitcoin vs. Lifehours

  1. Final salary/money/lifehour credit will be determined after the LBO day, that is, the lifehour credits will be transfered at that point. If position does not presently exist for salary determination the equivalent will be determined in the future during the LBO process.
  2. Lifehour credit for processing fee is credited to account whether minimum or one's hourly rate of compensation.
  3. One must have sponsored ten(10) new members before one can claim, the reason being that timism needs supporters along with homesteading office claimants.
  4. The fee is two minutes of national wagehour.
  5. Lottery ticket analogy: One is encouraged to homestead one or more national, state and local office. On the LBO day, you will be awarded the highest office based on the associated salary. First come, first served, i,e., the early bird gets the worm. If more than one person homesteads and office, the first claimant is awarded it.
  6. Submission of an office that does not exist negates any lifehour credits, see above.
  7. Subject to change based on the rapidity of the LBO day, one must sponsor one active member for each 100 lifehour credits. The reason is that one should be active in building timism. Please keep in mind that one receives, initially, five(5) lifehour credits for each sponsored member. (So, if one claims a senate seat of 9000 lifehours and sponsors the required 90 members for 100% credit on LBO day, one has an additional 450 lifehours (90x5) if one is quick inasmuch as sponsorship credits decrease with increased accounts (one less for each million members until five million accounts yields zero sponsorship/recruiting rewards).
  8. In effect, this approach is nothing more than the essence of "block grants" by the federal government. Habitual politicians use block grants to reward their campaign workers and supporters. In effect, as time is money and money is time, block grants are gifts of time to people who help corrupt the public policy-making process by re-electing the habitual can-kickers. With timism's promises of lifehour credits for those who help build a better system, better block grants are being proferred.
Remember: If Timism can show that better democracy and capitalism will lower the cost of taxes and living by 25% every year for the average citizen, they will not mind our voting to legitimize a one-time retroactive 1% to 5% tax credit for the lifehours earned in creating timism. All we have to do is organize the middle-class to vote out the habitual politicians and stop the money dictating decapitalists.

Examples of expected lifehour claims:

  1. US Congress, Senators and Representatives: $225,000 (about 9,000 lifehours)
  2. US Governors: $70,000 to $187,256 (2800 to 7500 lifehours)
  3. US Mayors: $62,000 is the average. (2500 lifehours)
  4. Non-existing offices, e.g., Ophanages: Select comparable office for tentative lifehour awards.
More important than having more buying power is having a safe, secure world in which one can spend one's disposable income, that is, these incentives are icing on the cake if we we succeed in fulfilling the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on earth. If we fail, the last person alive will be the richest person in history by virtue of owning all the earthly wealth ever accumulated by mankind. But what will all the gold in the world be worth to this lonely soul?

To claim an office as a timist,

  1. Visit the Super Brainbee
  2. Click Homestead as the focus button.
  3. Repeat the above steps 2 to 4. Payment will be two wage minutes or your hourly wage compensation.
  4. Make your payment to receive the summary page as well as an email.
As timism evolves, duties will be temporarily requested of you pending the official brainbees for the next public elections. You will receive lifehour credit.

This process should allow Timism to have a presence very quickly in every non-banned nation, state and municipality.  At most, the cost to a nation is one year of elected public servants' salaries ... a small price to pay for the savings that are derived from better democracy, capitalism and currency.

Super Brainbee: Click here to Homestead


  1. More than a recruiting tool--a management, information and communication tool.
  2. More than a recruiting too: A Scaled Compensation Tool
  3. Examples of Location/Office Coding Examples

Homesteading Suggestions:

  1. At each level (national, state, and local), try to homestead a legislative and executive office in three modes: Want, Don't Want and Qualified.
  2. Remember, you payment (processing fee plus one national wage minute) is added to your lifehour credits.
  3. Be sure to apply for one of the Congressional Colleges in the Super Brainbee listing of offices.
  4. You want to increase your chances of homesteading at least one office on LBO day (Leverage Buy Out of habitual politicians).