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Congressional College People Primaries for Better Democracy
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Congressional College Peoples' Primaries
for Better Democracy

  1. Congressional College intro:To have better democracy, we need to fulfill the meaning of the word better with a beter process of 'divisions of people rule' demos cratia. To this needed goal, a goal needed to fulfill the Primary Moral Imperative of saving life on Planet Earth from climate change, Timism has extended the range of brainbees to de-centralize the federal government into local decision-making and legislative effort.
  2. Congressional colleges are the transfer of Washington, DC, legislative effort into part-time legislators elected to fulfill a needed policy-making process based on already having knowledge in the area. As ... pretty face or saddest story, e.g., Ms. Stiffy, Mr. Moist Pudenda, and Ms. 'I was that little girl.' Duh.
  3. The internet allows us to say, 'If we can shop from home why not govern from home.'
  4. Links to Congressional Colleges.

Crowdfunding Better Democracy and Capitalism with Lifehours
Congressional College Offices
for Virginia District #004
(Female Slate)
Commerce Transportation
Defense Homeland
Energy & EPA
Interior Urban
Labor SBA
Veteran Affairs

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