Wanted: Five Patrons of Timism

To facilitate the Primary Moral Imperative(PMI) of saving life on earth from global warming, climate change, climate chaos and global dying, five patrons are sought who can lend $1,000,000 to the Timism's Manheaven Project for the needed better democracy (brainbees) and capitalism (lifehours). Repayment will come from the several streams of cashflow. The loan will be credited as both lifehour warrants and lifehour credits, that is, a $2,000,000 return. Employees of the firm will receive GOOHFs. Some individuals and firms are banned from being patrons inasmuch as they are significant CO2 sinners.

Ideal Patrons would be the states that are downwind deluged states that are recipients of California's displaced water due to the organic thesis of atmospheric dynamics--see $5,000,000 Drought Ransom. Probably, these governors will be like the ones this writer contacted with the similiar information back in in 2001--Firetrucking Idiots.

To make the loan, a $10,000 prepayment is needed via the below form. When up to five patrons have committed, no further prepayments will be processed. The loan balance will be in two cashier checks:

  1. $100,000 cashier check to the Veterans Volunteer service at McGuire VA Center, Richmond, Virginia.
  2. $890,000 cashier check for deposit into the Timism.com account at Sunbank, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minnesota.

The deposit is immediately deposited into one's timism account as shown in the confirmation page of this pledge submission. The final checks will be credited when they are received with an email confirmation.

The funds will be used to repay outstanding debts (about $250,000) and purchase assets to promote the PMI.

Timism reserves the right to return any funds from a banned organization/individual.

Please note that there will be no IPO. Timism is to become a public trust managing the tools of better democracy and capitalism for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. If we can shop from home, we can govern from home. The best government is the least government which can only be if we better self-govern.

Patron Pledge
Email Address


Suggested Patrons:

  1. Media: Any major newspaper
  2. Social Investment funds
  3. Environmental Groups: Sierra Club, WWF, Greenpeace
  4. Individuals: Oprah Winfrey ... Mayor Bloomberg ... Steve Ratner ... George Soros ... Dan Gilbert ... Nigel Farage

Banned Patrons:

  1. Decapitalists: Bile Guts and Malignant Guts Foundation ... MaggotSoft
  2. Petrophiliacs (vid * www * TVad)