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Show You The Money #2:
Academic National Royalty Rights Claimants:

One of these universities will have, along with a newspaper, the national royalty rights, 10% of Timism revenues. The revenues will be substantial.

The short-term royalties will come from people signing up to support 24in4: Share Job Time or Jobless Time, that is, By better employing our human resources, we can have a 24-hour in 4 years with more funds and fun for self, family and community in a safer, saner world. Needed for the greater Goal of the Primary Moral Imperative, this preamble to the Manheaven Project has two steps.

  1. A one-time refinancing of all loans to zero-interest in a de facto Chapter 13 bankruptcy--see Refinance-13. Student loans will be "Finlandized," that is, a new agency will issue bonds with students paying off over their careers at zero-interest as a payroll deduciton--a friendly garnishment.
  2. Healthcare cost transferred from the business bottom-line to real, problem-solving community contracts. (This is not a new idea. ObamaCare and TrumpCare are cancers that cannot last.)

Each of the these steps basically cost the average person 8 hours of worktime each week. Implemented with caveat that one works few hours according to the time savings, we will not only create the 24-hour work week but pull people onto and up the job ladder.

Math Matters: By solving the expensive problems of unemployment, workers will have twelve hours of disposable funds out of the 24-hour workweek instead of the present nine hours out of the 40-hour workweek.

Loans will be refinanced in order of account signup. While the first million accounts are free, subsequent accounts require an hour of one's income. Would you pay one hour of wages to reduce your loan interest rates? How many middle-class workers would so do? Supporters become the basis of Timists, the Party of More Time.

After the repayment of any loans to jumpstart, the signup fees will be divided among the rights holders, about $25,000,000 for each million accounts. For national rights holders of 10% of the academic or media royalties, that is $1.25 million for SIUE, VCU, UVA and a newspaper. In addition, the email addresses of the PR email list of the rights holder will receive 1,000 lifehour credits (about $25 per credit) who has not unsubscribed. (Also see Profit-sharing Cashflow of Timism.)

In "Show You The Money #3," you will see how the tools of timism will provide a steady cash stream for royalty distibution via a real estate MLS model while promoting the better democracy and capitalism needed for the Primary Moral Imperative. Also, the simple rules for garnering national, state and district royalty rights will be listed, that is, publishing pros and cons on the basic themes of Timism: 24in4, CO2 Killer Molecule, 529s, and 401ks.

  1. Opinion versus Conclusion: Many people want a single source of truths. Truths vary in complexity on a continuum of 1+1=2 to "what is the meaning of life." The more complex the issue is, the more numerous are the possible answers. One goes from conclusions (Latin for "common endings", that is, shared answers) to opinions which are answers containing what people opine, pine for, or want.
  2. Visions:
    1. Visions are like opinions: Everyone has one.
    2. Visions without reason are treason to reason
    3. A reasoned vision is a mission roadmap.
    4. A vision without a roadmap is a stopsign.
    5. The road to hell is paved with good intentions from bad visions.
    6. Morality without practicality is immoral.
  3. Respect: To respect anything or anyone, one must have the intelligence, motivation and time to inspect and re-inspect. Otherwise, one has an opinion rather that a respectable conclusion.
  4. Taking Responsibility: Politicians who say they take responsibility should say that they are to blame for an unsolved problem. One cannot take responsibility for a problem. Either one can or cannot have the response ability to solve a problem. However, there is a hidden truth in habitual politicians saying that they take responsiblity when they over-tax and over-waste: They take our response ability to solve our problems.
  5. Decimate (pet peeve):  Too often, people use "decimate "rather than "destroy" since the former means tenth or ten as in decimal or decade. Roman armies decimated muntinous legions rather than kill all mutineers. Each tent of ten soldiers drew straws to see which legionnaire was brutally but quickly beatened to death. The only time that decimates and destruction are appropriately synonymous is when a polygamist has ten wives.

Timism: The Morality of More Time
Timists: The Party forMore Time
YouTube: Global Dying,19 vids

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  13. 170316 Status of PR email
    • 5000>6000 media, academia, and government addresses.
    • Over 60,000 emails sent in 12 mailings.
    • 88 unsubscribes, 7 spam complaints
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