Subject: Enter 1st National Citizen Legislation Brainbee

1st National Citizen Legislation:
A Keystone for the Primary Moral Imperative

Please help prove out a process to tap the intelligence of we, the people, who live with the problems to find our Einstein Moments. Below is the inaugural brainbee, the first national Citizen Legislation. After a repeated divisioning by seven, the seven final issues will be emailed to the White House for Presidential review and submission to Congress. With sufficient cashflow or loan/donations, Timism will do all fifty states for emailing winning issues to the governors. Thereafter, municipality brainbees will be enacted. In addition, this is also a process for zero-cost primaries without money dictator dominance.

This inaugural Citizen Legislation brainbee has a special lifehour bonuses:

The lifehour has a LBO/IPO value tied to the averarge U.S. hourly wage (about $26 in 2017). Like frequent flyer miles, the value becomes real as more people acquire them. Like Federal Reserve Notes and like Bitcoins, they are created out of thin air with an important difference: They  will solve problems. They can be traded and eventually used for loan and tax payments.



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Brainbees Super Brainbee ... OneTyme ... Tell The Chief
Business Model Stock options for helpers not venture capitalists, 7000 shares to start.
Carbon Dioxide The Global, Multi-Tasking Killer Molecule (a brainbee)
Civil Trinity Benefits How 24in4 helps civilization's needed trio--Teachers, Policemen and Firemen
Mental Vitamins Cliches: New and Renewed
Michael Bloomberg A little help please for better democracy and capitalism ... everywhere!
Profit-sharing Cashflow Media ... Academia (SIUE, VCU or UVA ... et al.)
Timism The Morality of More Time
Timists The Party of More Time
VoteTime Simple, global, redundant vote counting with old Windows computers.
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The most rewarding thing you can do for the rest of your life is to promote 24in4 as the preamble to the ManHeaven Project for the Primary Moral Imperative to save life on planet earth.