Launch 2019: Tools for Better Democracy and Capitalism

Nation State


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?Add a Nation: International Expansion
-Bugs Report
?Citizen Legislation: Government of, by and for the People.
Emergency Funding: Double 25:1 Fixed Return
Endow New, unlisted School or system
-Endow school: Buy Existing Listing
-Facebook Friends: Earn five lifehour credits (about $125) for each person who cites you as their sponsor. (Email)
--Funders: Soros, Bloomberg, Mars Candy, Lottery Winner
Homestead Bonus: Upwards of $400,000 in Timism Shares(Essay)
-IQ Idiot: How do you tell a really intelligent person? (Clues)
-Jobs at Timism
-Navy, Army or Air Force: Members claim up to $400,000 in lifehour credits. (limited time)
-Pre-Pay Democracy Dollars
?Super Brainbee
-Twitter: Be the first to learn of new large lifehour credits.
-Schools: Jsarg ... GMU ... PennState ... JTyler ... UMBC ... VCU /UVA ...VSU (LSU etc)