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Publication awards in lifehour credits for 1500-word article assessing pros and cons of the topic. Lifehour value tied to average U.S. hourly wage (about $25 in 2014).

In addition, the writer can expect to receive Sponsorship credit based on his published email address (five lifehours per reader who cites reporter as sponsor). Another perk is a GOOHF. The newspaper, if signed up as a recruiter, will receive one lifehour per membership in addtion to the JobTime fees. Reporters are limited to one article. Review list of published articles (below). This process is part of the LBO of habitual politicians.

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List of published reviews

Despair Hope Timism
AlphaTrifecta: ?www/vid
Cloaking Hurricanes
Cloud Sucking CO2
Droughts Forever
False Hopes
Fission/Fusion of CO2
Global Dying www/vid
Hurricanes for Dummies
Organic Thesis of CO2
Polar Timebomb
US Midwest Drought
Chocolate/Vanilla Aborists
Manheaven Project
Primary Moral Imperative
Regional Primaries
Roadmap: 3-step
Super Brainbee
Tax Reform: Profit Sharing
Morality of More Time
Speed of Light: Rotational

5-part, 5-day, 5-author series based on below topics:
  1. Primary Moral Imperative w/$5mil California ransom,
  2. Brainbees/Super Brainbee ... Homesteading,
  3. Lifehours ... PIIGS,
  4. Roadmap ... Manheaven project ... Votetime ... Plebiscites
  5. Civil War of Igknowance ... Religion ... Morality of More Time

FTP Democracy: Charlie Rose ... Dave Letterman ... Ellen ... Mark Shields ... Oprah ... Paul Krugman ... Tavis Smiley
(Mode of contact will vary per communication.)

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